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Natsukashii – Remembering familiar things fondly

Artist Statement

“A series of works to remember a teacher who inspired us to be better teachers. To remember masters who guided us to find our way.

I am exploring and challenging the traditions of the water bearing vessel, by connecting two apparently unrelated journeys: my days training to become a Mathematics teacher; and the learnings about teapot subtleties from my residency days in Seto (Japan).


Peeling away and unpacking the layers in the vessel making process; folding the clay as though it is paper, conscious of time, working the material at its optimal condition. Observing how the parts make it whole, like an origami does at the very last step. When to stop?


Simple shaped parts creating an unexpectedly complex whole. Will it be able to hold water?”

This series was in Teko 壶说八道 a Group Exhibition at iPRECIATION, Singapore 10-22 June 2024.

Full catalogue of this series can also be found at

Teko 壶说八道 exhibition art book


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